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Wortmann Schuh-Holding KG Wortmann Schuh-Holding KG Wortmann Schuh-Holding KG Wortmann Schuh-Holding KG Wortmann Schuh-Holding KG

About Wortmann

Founded in 1967, Wortmann KG is one of Europe’s largest footwear manufacturers, and one of the most common brands available in retail. The company’s fashionable collection together with its unbeatable value for money has captured the enthusiasm of retailers and consumers in more than fifty countries.

The Tamaris brand is Wortmann KG’s answer to consumer demand for an unusually high-quality product at a surprisingly reasonable price. The Tamaris campaign has been communicating its claim to quality in material, comfort and design to the public since 2002 with resounding results – and one of the largest advertising budgets in the industry propelling the staggering rise in public awareness amongst the target market in record time. Advertisements that have received several awards have excelled in simplicity, high recognisability and devotion to the product itself ever since; this devotion to the product is one of the secrets of success at Wortmann KG.

The actions of each and every one of our employees are centred on one goal - customer satisfaction. Our continuous growth is based on a solid foundation of reliability and trust, and represents the principles we will be keeping to in the future.

Apart from idical shoe retail – still the most important sales conduit for Tamaris – Tamaris shoes have been marketed on dedicated floor space since 2005, taking the form of shop-in-shop outlets and special Tamaris monobrand stores at top European locations.

These outlets give consumers the opportunity to submerge into a world of discovery in the variety of the Tamaris collection. Our visionary shop design and top-quality fittings have set new standards in the whole shoe trade, with one Tamaris Store opening every week somewhere in Europe. Tamaris represents the most rapidly growing retail sales concept in the field of women’s footwear.

About Wendel

MARCO TOZZI is a youthful, ambitious brand developed by Wendel, a member of the Wortmann Group based in Detmold, Germany. The new MARCO TOZZI brand focuses on high-quality women’s shoes along with a growing selection of trendy bags and children’s footwear.

The collection covers every taste in the latest trends from young fashion to classic elegance to comfortable active footwear. We have product managers and modellers out in the field the year around from Hamburg to Munich, London to Milan, and Hong Kong to Paris to scout out new trends and implement them.

MARCO TOZZI is our answer to the latest international trends, a brand with its own style and quality positioned in the lower-price segment. At four to six collections per year plus additional seasonal ranges, MARCO TOZZI provides the retail trade an opportunity to plan for long-term base trends along with special seasonal trends in their inventory. Apart from seasonal models for the spring/summer and autumn/winter seasons, MARCO TOZZI includes a children’s collection, plus a handbag programme that began in the spring/summer season of 2008 to match each collection.

There are around one and a half thousand retailers stocking MARCO TOZZI shoes in Germany alone – with more to come, in addition to our innovative shop-in-shop systems in their fresh, new design that the MARCO TOZZI brand will be focussing on in the future to bring the brand even closer to the consumer.

About Caprice

Since its foundation in 1990, Caprice has developed into one of the most innovative shoe production and technology centres in the traditional German shoemaking town of Pirmasens. Caprice is aimed towards developing shoes that make you feel like you are walking on air. The Caprice slogan – ON AIR – and matching colours of sky-blue and cloud-white extend to the company building’s design. This new building represents a visual highlight at the western entrance to the city of Pirmasens, serving as an eye-catcher for this traditional German shoemaking town.

Appropriately, Caprice presents itself in its new showrooms which have been designed with the brand value, "Walking on air", in mind. Conveyed by the typical white and blue colour scheme and a combination of stainless steel, aluminium, polished acrylic, leather and glass, the cloud and butterfly motifs which are familiar from the Caprice advertising material can now be experienced physically as well. Indirect lighting in the redesigned showrooms sets an impressive scene for the products. This is complemented by integrated multimedia technology perfectly suited for showing the image and collection films.

This concept will be used for all the SOCs in Europe. The unique selling proposition of the "Walking on air" system is not only characterised by a young and trendy design as well as high-quality manufacturing, it is also associated with a selling point that is convincing and sets the products apart from the competition – shoes with a wellness package integrated.

About, a member of the Wortmann Group based in Detmold, Germany, was founded in April 1999 to extend the footwear product licence and brand business in Europe; s.Oliver shoes  is  successfully marketed across the world by is a byword for successful and professional licence business, skilfully striking an ideal combination between footwear and fashion. Factors of success include the outstanding image of s.Oliver as well as positioning in a market segment with great target-group potential.

The sales concept is based on a collection rhythm based on shop areas along with rapid implementation of current trends. The Wortmann Group has placed its entire knowledge and experience in’s growth, with a professional infrastructure ensuring quality, punctual delivery and procurement structures that span the world. Other success factors include outstanding value for money and complete distribution systems as well as the company’s own sales force and well-crafted alliances and services ensuring mutual benefit for the wide variety of business relationships we maintain, while corporate culture and governance and a highly motivated team have also played a major role in the success story.

About Jana shoes

The company’s aim is to address the budget price segment in comfort shoes and achieve a leading market position. This market has become one of the most promising segments in the shoe trade over the last few years, with high levels of potential in the future resulting from increasing life expectancy in the population.

Since its successful market launch in the spring/summer season collection of 2000 in Germany, the Jana brand has spread to more than forty countries on five continents. A sales network covering the whole of Europe ensures professional customer care in the field, towards meeting the needs of the market. New POS materials and consumer catalogues developed for each season give retailers powerful support. In few years, Jana shoes has developed into one of the core market leaders across Europe in the comfort footwear segment.


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Wortmann Schuh-Holding KGWortmann Schuh-Holding KGWortmann Schuh-Holding KG Wortmann Schuh-Holding KG Wortmann Schuh-Holding KGWortmann Schuh-Holding KG